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Episode 43: Put The Toppings On It with Drew Kilcoin

In this episode of SideKickBack Radio, I sit down with Highway to Havasu‘s radass editor Drew Kilcion.  As a lead editor, he has cut some great projects such as the fascinating documentary Craigslist Joe, episodes of FX’s gone-too-soon comedy Legit with Jim Jefferies and Split, soon to be released on iTunes. Drew also assisted Jeremiah O’Driscoll on Robert Zemeckis’ films Flight, The Walk and Drew is now at Illumination Entertainment, working on the upcoming animated feature film Sing starring Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon and Seth MacFarlane.  We chat about his approach to cutting a scene, what its like to have a dream come true, and why his trips to the bathroom got quite dramatic at one point.

Check out Craigslist Joe on Hulu!

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Highway to Havasu Trailer

Today is a very special day…so special that I decided to cancel my trip to the Sundance Film Festival so as to better serve this gem of a film that myself and countless others (mainly Jeff Janke and Amber Goetz) have poured thousands and thousands of pounds of heart, soul and radass humor into.  Not only do we release our trailer today, but it has been announced that we were awarded Best Comedy at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival and it will screen February 18th at 10:45pm at LA Live. I can’t wait for you all to experience the film when the time comes and if you can’t make the festival, don’t you worry, it’ll come out somehow in a theater near you or direct to your streaming devices. But for now, thank you for your support friends new and old, family, podcast listeners, total strangers, hearing me go on and on about the innumerable stories and experiences that this film has brought into my life…and this is only the beginning. Please enjoy:

Episode 28: A Fight Against Boredom with Johnny 3 Tears aka George Regan

johnny 3 tears hollywood undead sidekickback

This week George “Johnny 3 Tears” Regan of Hollywood Undead stops by for another Highway to Havasu episode. We chat about the hate/hate relationship between band and record label, his approach to writing lyrics, and how his doomsday preparations are going.

Although known for his music, J3T has got some pretty great acting chops. In the upcoming Spring Break comedy Johnny plays Jonathan/Ronathan, two frighteningly weird unrelated guys, a tow-truck driver and a boat rental shop owner respectively. It was a blast to work with George, errrr Johnny 3 Tears…he’s the kind of guy that cracks open a beer before we go for a take and man can he give one menacing stare down that will make you crap your pants.

Stay up-to-date on all the latest HU news here! I hear they have a new album coming soon…

Episode 26: Go at Your Own Pace with Tony Lovato

This week my guest is Highway to Havasu producer and music supervisor Tony Lovato of the pop punk band MEST.  We chat about growing up on the south side of Chicago, the challenges of life on tour, and I get his opinion on cheetahs.  MEST is hitting the road with Hawthorne Heights and The Ataris! Check out the dates here!

Episode 24: Zero F**ks Given with Jeff Janke

Back to back Highway to Havasu episodes! And it’s the big one…I sit down with our writer/director Jeff Janke and talk about how this whole crazy story began, hitting the road with Good Charlotte, and how you can have some fun while getting fired from a job.

Get more info on our movie here!

Episode 23: Join the Squad with Amber Goetz

My guest this week is Highway to Havasu wonder woman producer Amber Goetz, just in time for the next installment of the H2H series! We talk about casting the film, her not so secret identity in photography, and why you do not want to drop her dirt bike helmet. Rest in peace BOT sign 🙁

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The Sidekicks of Havasu (and Beyond)

For those of you whose first experience with SideKickBack is this post, welcome! And thanks for reading 🙂 I just want to take a moment to set up the forthcoming gratitude by explaining one of the founding principles of the main squeeze here, SideKickBack Radio, the podcast in which I interview friends and colleagues who are doing really amazing stuff. I strongly believe in altruism, in people helping people. I wanted to provide a platform for my friends and colleagues to talk passionately about their various endeavors and record it for you fine folks to hear about. As they promote themselves, new points of view are shared, great stories are told, and there is a guaranteed educational experience with each new guest. As corny as it sounds, it is the SideKickBack way. Everybody wins.

During a recent phone call with Amber Goetz, one of the producers of the forthcoming mega-hit comedy film Highway to Havasu, we brought up how simply amazing some of the citizens of Havasu (and some beyond its city limits) were in helping us achieve our dreams of making an iconic movie. Food, boats, private residences and businesses, even a golf course and hovercraft were offered to us, all by people looking for little or nothing in return. Perhaps the smallest of financial compensations and/or a shout-out in the credits of what could very well be a major breakthrough independent film sensation. People helping people.

I’ll never forget riding around on Gary Meyers’ hovercraft. He emailed our producer Amber, offering  up his awesome little vehicle. We had no place for it in the story, so we made one.  Three hours later I was gliding across Lake Havasu, with cool and fresh Colorado River water spraying in my face as we spun a couple 360’s; all whilst sporting a sweet Jet Tribe life jacket. I’ll never forget the delicious tacos of Javelina Cantina or Vinnie’s Pizza, a lot of Vinnie’s pizza. The fellas and their Commander Boats, whose intimidating rides flanked our Backyard Beauty as we pulled into the channel to celebrate spring break Lake Havasu style.  And then the other fellas of Sea Tow, who helped out with our water shots. And let’s not forget SWAT for letting us partake in the partiest of parties.

Then there’s simply the good individual people who dedicated their time and support to us. The students of Lake Havasu High School who hung around WELL AFTER SCHOOL LET OUT to be background actors. The people walking by set who asked us what was going on, and then left as a new Twitter/Instagram/Facebook follower. Whether it was one minute of time, a whole day, or its still going, your support in our endeavor is so much appreciated.

I’m sure my list is incomplete, and that’s what’s so great about all this. So many folks offered a helping hand in so many ways, big and small. To you all I can only say, a very big thank you. Lake Havasu City was my home for two crazy months and it will always have a special place in my heart, because of all your kindness and generosity. Can’t wait to see you all again soon and eat your food.

SideKickBack blog post…WA-CHA!!!

Episode 20: Lighting…What’s Up With That?!? with Lars Lindstrom

Rolling right along with the very third installment of the Highway to Havasu series! I sit down with our Director of Photography, Lars Lindstrom. We talk cameras, Mormon Missionaries and the writing on the wall.

Stay up-to-date on all of Lars’ projects by visiting his IMDb page here!

Episode 18: The Club Sandwich with Ben Edlin and Caleb Thomas

The second installment of the Highway to Havasu series!!! I sit down with my co-stars Ben Edlin and Caleb Thomas as we talk about our characters, what goes on in the secret room and fart joke.

Get more info on our movie here!

Episode 12: Discipline with Lily Berlina

The first episode of the Highway to Havasu series! I get to know my lovely co-star Lily Berlina who plays Amber and Katie Andrews. We talk about fixing the education system, the future of movie making and growing up in post-Soviet Russia.

Check out her Model Mayhem profile here!