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Episode 45: Winter Has Come with Janet Graham Borba

janet graham borba game of thrones production

On the latest episode of Sidekickback Radio, I get to chat with HBO’s Senior Vice President of West Coast Production, Janet Graham Borba. As an executive, Janet plays quite a major role in the making of some of HBO’s wonderful projects, the most notable of which being the grand epic series known as Game of Thrones (sorry GOT fans, no spoilers in this one. Well maybe one…) Additionally, she recently wrapped production on the upcoming feature film The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, starring Rose Byrne and Oprah Winfrey in the adaptation of Rebecca Skloot’s book of the same title about an African-American woman whose cells are used in trailblazing medical research in the 1950’s . In our episode, Janet and I chat about the rapidly shifting landscape of subscription-based television, what makes a great line producer, and how Pizza Hut might have changed Janet’s life forever.

Some of her earlier projects include Hackers (starring Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller) and one of my personal childhood favorites, Camp Nowhere (starring Christopher Lloyd and Jonathan Jackson).

The Game of Thrones production machine is without a doubt one of the most massive undertakings in television history. As evidenced by such scenes as The Battle of the Bastards (into which Janet gives us some insight) the process can take months to prepare and weeks to rehearse, with so many factors like seasonal weather and actors’ schedules creating a giant jigsaw puzzle that someone like Janet has to piece together. Game of Thrones production is now under way as they film its 7th season and as Janet tells us in the episode, with such a great writing team led by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the production crew is firing in sync on all cylinders, ready to deliver the final episodes of a truly epic era in television.

Catch up on Game of Thrones season 6 with HBO GO here!

Episode 36: Let it Play/Let’s Switch with Sasha Spielberg

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Upon my return, I sat down with the lovely Sasha Spielberg…a marvelous musician, writer extraordinaire and all-around goof.  We chat about her band Wardell and their west coast tour with Ryan Adams, what it’s like to pioneer a new media format with Literally Can’t Even on Snapchat, and why our generation might forget to procreate.

Check out Wardell on Soundcloud and on iTunes here!


Episode 35: Let Us Stumble with Chris Aquilino

My latest chat features Chris Aquilino who has appeared on Jane the VirginBones, House of Lies, and will be seen on Amazon’s Bosch and in the upcoming Mockingbird Pictures independent feature film The Sweet Life (starring Chris Messina and Abigail Spencer). We chat about what success looks like, being swept up in the do-it-yourself generation, and what food truck offerings appear on a TV set after success at the Emmys.

Check out Chris’ website here!

Episode 34: Red Bull, Sugar Free with Stan Zimmerman

stan zimmerman gilmore girls roseanne skirtchasers secs execs

This week I get to chat with Stan Zimmerman, known for writing/producing on such television programs as Roseanne, Gilmore Girls, The Golden Girls, Rita Rocks, such feature films as The Brady Bunch Movie, A Very Brady Sequel and such plays as Meet and Greet and Suicide Notes: In Their Own Words. We talk about how being a writer in television has evolved, what it means to be a violet and solving toilet troubles with the high school theater department bathroom.

Stan’s upcoming projects include:

Gilmore Girls – that’s right! Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel return in Netflix’s revival of the popular series and what better way to keep the good times going by making sure some of the original writers and producers like Stan are around.

Suicide Notes – Stan isn’t necessarily all comedy. At last year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival, Stan presented this powerfully moving piece featuring the last words of celebrities and everyday people alike, encouraging the audience to take a good hard look at a tough to talk about topic. The play is still in development and continues to grow and shape as he reaches out to more venues to present the evolving piece.

Skirtchasers – starring Barry Bostwick and Elizabeth Keener, this web series (available at Tello Films) explores the difficulties a not-so-perfect father has with trying to mend his lesbian daughter’s broken heart.

Secs & Execs – currently in post-production (and to be also made available at Tello Films), this web series starring Sandra Bernhard features the differences (and not so differences) between the high-powered execs and those who serve under them.

Check out Stan’s website here!

Episode 33: Sometimes Magic Happens with Naomi Grossman

The latest episode of SideKickBack Radio features the incomparable actress Naomi Grossman, whom you might recognize (with some difficulty) as Pepper from American Horror Story. We chat about her high school reunion, the difference between “making it” and “doing it,” and large Argentinian hats.

Check out Naomi’s website here!

Episode 29: The Meat in the Cotton Candy with Robin Riker

I am joined this week by veteran actress Robin Riker, who appeared in such series as BrothersThe Bold and the Beautiful and my personal fanboy geekout, the Disney Channel Original Movie Brink! We chat about her new book A Survivor’s Guide to Hollywood, steering clear of “soul-eaters” and the necessity of champagne.

Pick up a copy of Robin’s book here!

Episode 24: Zero F**ks Given with Jeff Janke

Back to back Highway to Havasu episodes! And it’s the big one…I sit down with our writer/director Jeff Janke and talk about how this whole crazy story began, hitting the road with Good Charlotte, and how you can have some fun while getting fired from a job.

Get more info on our movie here!

Episode 21: Slap That Explicit On with Melani Carroll

WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT! I sit down with my old pal comedienne Melani Carroll. We celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style by getting all nostalgic on old memories, talking perfect 10’s and the tragedy of 1-ply toilet paper.

Episode 18: The Club Sandwich with Ben Edlin and Caleb Thomas

The second installment of the Highway to Havasu series!!! I sit down with my co-stars Ben Edlin and Caleb Thomas as we talk about our characters, what goes on in the secret room and fart joke.

Get more info on our movie here!

Episode 17: Pounding Nails in the Floor with My Forehead with Amy Gumenick

My guest this week is the incredible performer known as Amy Gumenick. You’ve seen her all over your television, most recently in CW’s Arrow and on AMC’s Turn. We chat about the University of Life, the importance of taking direction, and being nestled right above Matt Damon.

Check out Amy’s website here!