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Episode 34: Red Bull, Sugar Free with Stan Zimmerman

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Episode 34: Red Bull, Sugar Free with Stan Zimmerman

This week I get to chat with Stan Zimmerman, known for writing/producing on such television programs as Roseanne, Gilmore Girls, The Golden Girls, Rita Rocks, such feature films as The Brady Bunch Movie, A Very Brady Sequel and such plays as Meet and Greet and Suicide Notes: In Their Own Words. We talk about how being a writer in television has evolved, what it means to be a violet and solving toilet troubles with the high school theater department bathroom.

Stan’s upcoming projects include:

Gilmore Girls – that’s right! Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel return in Netflix’s revival of the popular series and what better way to keep the good times going by making sure some of the original writers and producers like Stan are around.

Suicide Notes – Stan isn’t necessarily all comedy. At last year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival, Stan presented this powerfully moving piece featuring the last words of celebrities and everyday people alike, encouraging the audience to take a good hard look at a tough to talk about topic. The play is still in development and continues to grow and shape as he reaches out to more venues to present the evolving piece.

Skirtchasers – starring Barry Bostwick and Elizabeth Keener, this web series (available at Tello Films) explores the difficulties a not-so-perfect father has with trying to mend his lesbian daughter’s broken heart.

Secs & Execs – currently in post-production (and to be also made available at Tello Films), this web series starring Sandra Bernhard features the differences (and not so differences) between the high-powered execs and those who serve under them.

Check out Stan’s website here!

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